“I don’t  just make jewelry, I create pieces that collect memories”-Susana Vega
Susana Vega is a Venezuelan Jewelry Designer born in Mérida city and now settled in Houston Texas- USA.
The origin of her art and trade in goldsmithing is very tangible and evident, it is in her blood and in the legacy of her family
Daughter of a legendary goldsmith, Susana Vega assumes her craft as an art, capable of allowing her to play with shapes, colors, textures and materials in order to develop concepts that achieve two ideals that, at first glance, seem juxtaposed in any scenario: passion and elegance.
In 2008, Susana began her formal Industrial Design studies at the University de los Andes, in Mérida- Venezuela; where she could enhance her passion for art, and so she complemented her knowledge with great handmade skills and where she was able to attend a goldsmith seminar at the Universidad de los Andes. In 2015, began her business formally in the United States. Since then she has had interviews for magazines such as Caleidoscopio, Voyage Houston, Shoutout Texas, Avior Air, Todo en Domingo and Voyage Atlanta Magazine, and participation in fashion events such as Stitch Lab Miami and Venezuela Fashion Project.. In 2019 she studied goldsmithing with the tutor Ursi Galletti in Houston and in 2020 she took the course on wax modeling for jewelry at the Colombian School of High Jewelry [EALFI]. In 2021, Susana was named one of the finalists of PITH TO LAFS in the Latin Accessory Designer of the Year category.