She wakes up in the midst of the city bustle, the noise of cars, people and hurry and buzz call her from afar, the city invites her once again to explore, to visit its colors, its streets and buildings in Art Deco. The woman who has just woken up, takes a few minutes to get up, and immerse herself in her present, in that universe of urban possibilities that day by day she conquers a little, while, conquers herself. She stands up, contemplates the city and prepares to illuminate this great metropolis with the brilliance of her essence.
Before opening her eyes, Eladia remembered her homeland, a field flooded with golden and white light, a breeze that mitigates the heat that drowns out so much humidity. Eladia is that deep and free as the plain that she carries inside, like the vast infinite landscape that saw her born and grow. With this feeling, she prepares to connect with the glow that emanates from within.
Galanic and minimalist shapes cover her body. Eladia embellishes the city with the delicate beauty of her elegant nostalgia, the one that shows in her eyes, that beautiful longing that distinguishes her for who she is. Thus, she walks through the streets of the immense asfalt, knowing that those firm, intact, rigid and inflexible lines that decorate the city are not a cage to imprison her free spirit, white and gold like the landscape that she carries inside.
She walks, she experiences the city while knowing that the beauty that adorns her is nothing more than that which comes from her essence, from the memory of an afternoon under a Moriche palm whose shadow allowed her to see the diaphanous horizon. Remember those golden palm trees that hung like tan earrings on the morichal, like those she wears, those that in their simple shell of lines and textures, keep the memory of her lineage.
Elegant, cosmopolitan, minimalist and tasteful; but at the same time light, spontaneous, simple and bohemian. Eladia comes from South America and has traveled the world always carrying her most precious treasure, the memory of her land. It escapes her in some garment, in an earring, in a necklace or even in her eyes. Eladia shines from within, and illuminates the city with its candid beauty, which is nothing more than that of the Moriche palm, which allows you to see the entire landscape, distant and intimate, country and city, distinguished and bohemian. It is her, Eladia, with all the facets that integrate her.
J.R Fermín