It takes us, to a tropical plain, to a land drowned in white and gold light, so bright, that swallows everything in sight. In the middle of that thick, wide and fruitful land, a golden palm is born, adorned with its fruits that hang like earrings, it is called Moriche and it offers us its abundant beauty to transform its fiber into the most authentic crafts.
Because if there is something that defines the beauty of the Moriche palm, it is authenticity. How it is deeply rooted in the earth that gives birth to it and extends over the entire landscape. Like a whole Venus displaying her glamor. Thus, the Moriche palm celebrates itself, large, tall, immense and adorned by its own beauty, that which is born of its nature, authentic and free.
When we see the pieces in this collection, we know why it is inspired by the palm of Moriche. Its name is "Eladia" She represents us all, who deep down we carry in a chest, a brilliant treasure full of memories, She wears them in the form of these pieces that make up the collection that bears her name. A woman who comes from that immense meadow, from that land of Morichales and light that bathes all forms and who, even living in the city, on that gray asphalt plain, carries her Caribbean inside and out, in those garments, small treasures that give a glimpse of its deepest essence, and that reflect its elegant simplicity.
By wearing them, these handcrafted works become more than just an ornament, and become a statement of freedom and authenticity. All wrapped in a nostalgic elegance, that beautiful nostalgia that reminds us of the land where we come from, those golden and magical moments that embellish us from within, from the deepest core of our essence, that adorn us and reflect that innocent light that is kept. inside us.
However, the simplicity and minimalism of the shape of the pieces gives them strength, like a shell that protects a vulnerable core, made of longings. They are golden capsule forms that contain the cure for discouragement. Moriche seeds from Eladia's dreams that by carrying them, she feels that she carries with her a part of that landscape that keeps inside.
This goldsmith, this craftswoman as I like to call it, captures its essence in each bead and unites them all as if integrating infinite parts of itself in each of the pieces. That is why I say that Susana Vega is an artist, because only someone who sees her craft as an art is capable of telling her story through what she does. Thus, Susana captures the beauty of the memories of her land, of her family that has given her a brilliant legacy, and beyond that, she reflects her purest essence.
This is a collection made to be contemplated from the heart, to let our inner child thrill to the shine and beautiful shapes and patterns of these pieces loaded with nostalgia, elegance, and a touch of fun. Thus, as one who remembers a sunset drowned in light, under the shadow of a golden Moriche palm, the freedom of the field, and in the middle of the meadow, open your eyes as one can, and realize that everything shines ...
Everything shines
Even nostalgia, it shines ...
J.R Fermín