It is difficult to find creators in the fashion world who decide to transcend and transcend themselves in their trade, to understand the production of their pieces as something more intimate than just a process of creating a series of serial objects that end up being a photocopy of each other; Therefore, knowing the process which each of the creations of Susana Vega Jewelry goes through, you can understand the value of each one of them. This goldsmith, who, rather than a goldsmith, is a craftswoman, and beyond that, an artist, she builds herself in each piece, in a step-by-step process, and thus she lives her art, with her own hands. .


And it is the latter that hides the true value of each of her creations, the time and dedication applied to produce each of the pieces that make up a collection, a process that covers seven days, which are divided into five phases through which, the piece is evolving from the idea to the final product, until it is worn by that person who decides to carry something of deep significant value as part of their personal image. Where the effort, experience and discipline of a whole family tradition that has made this creator, this artist / craftswoman a woman who knows and recognizes herself in her trade, in the appreciation of a slow and thorough process as something that is born of herself.


In that way, everything comes from her, as if a quintessence inspired her, a landscape, a photo of a magical moment, her family, her beautiful land in Mérida Venezuela, so, the idea arrives and begins the count of seven long days of manufacturing, the idea manifests itself physically in a first cold porcelain skeleton, where Susana shapes her inspiration, is the base, the initial form of each piece that arises from an intention.


After creating the skeleton, it is covered with the skin that will give color and life to the piece, to this creation that certainly seems to be alive in its manufacturing process, here, the beads are spun in a line that covers the shape that she has given to cold porcelain, adapting millimetrically to each curvature, to each corner, wrapping the way of life and color, and then being randomly bathed with gold dust; These are golden moments, a subtle frenzy permit that permeates the piece freeing it from any hint of rigidity and frivolity, and this is one of the great peculiarities of Susana's creations, they become extremely elegant without being frivolous.


Even if they come together, each piece speaks for itself, has a voice and its own glow; Now, physically, that shine is affirmed with two delicate layers of epoxy resin, this part of the creation process stands out for being extremely meticulous (as are each of the production phases) but this has the particularity of demanding greater care in not leave any type of bubbles or imperfections in the resin management; This tests anyone's patience, but in Susana tests her dedication and delivery in the production process, which permeates each piece of energy hours dedicated to its manufacture, taking care of every detail.


At the end, as one who appreciates the value of the effort well used, Susana polishes and purifies the pieces of any possible imperfection, assembling the parts that make her serve as something more than an ornament, as a piece of art that deserves to be displayed on the body Anyone who knows how to value the quality of artisan work, who wants to shine with the identity of each of these pieces, not so much for the apparent brightness of each of their materials, but for that which gives the energy and will of an artist that is reflected in its creative process, which shapes herself, covered herself with wonderful beads and is polished and perfected in each creation.

J.R Fermin

@ j.rfermin